Women’s Mixed Ability Classes:

Cardio & Circuit Training Classes for Beginners & Intermediate levels. Both levels can be incorporated into the one class as there are LOW & HIGH impact moves which you can choose from. You work at your own level and pace. No experience needed only motivation! This full body workout will be focusing on toning muscles, increasing fitness levels, creating a strong core and assisting with fat- loss.

There are 7 of these classes to choose from on the weekly Timetable.

Prices: €10 drop-in.

Men’s Mixed Ability

1 hour Full body workout for Beginners & Intermediate – complete with Warm-up and Cool down. No experience needed you work at your own level and pace and use weights to your own ability. This class will focusing on increasing muscle mass, creating a strong core, improve flexibility and help with weight loss.

Prices: €10 drop-in – every Thursday 8pm

Lower Impact Class:

Fun, low impact, non competitive 45 minute class, focusing on improving flexibility, assisting with weight loss, increase daily energy, introduce better sleep patterns and prevent stiffness.  This Class is aimed at the Novice,  Older Adult the Inexperienced, the Unfit and pre and postnatal women

No experience needed you work at you own level and pace to music.

Prices: €10 drop-in  – every Monday and Friday 10:45 – 11:30am

Please use the Booking system to Book your Classes: