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What if in 12 weeks you could fall in love with your body while learning how to properly nourish it?

(x) without strict diet plans
(x) without removing all the foods you love
(x) without endless hours of walking the roads?

In the 12 Week Journey, you will learn the strategies & the tools you need to fall in love with your body again.
Learn to eat and exercise right for you.
Next 12 Week Journey will begin on the 10th of April.

Get Fit, Strong and Toned

Design Your Own Meals With Food You Enjoy

Support, Encouragement and Motivation

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What My Clients Say

Just completed Gina’s detox program Jan/Feb 2021 and feel great. The food was amazing and at no point felt hungry. The recipes were very clear and simple and the comprehensive shopping list that we received each week was so helpful. On the one or two days that I had a wobble, suddenly the motivational e-mail from Gina dropped into my in-box and I was back on track! Not only do my clothes fit better but my energy levels have improved – didn’t seem like a diet but a healthier eating program

Ann O’Sullivan

I think this is amazing. Never counted calories or done the calorie deficit before. It a complete new learning journey for me. I am delighted that I signed up. The work outs are perfect and I can do them at my own pass. I walk 5k 3 times a week now, which before I would have never done. The food plan is great and back to basics and family friendly. Gina is always there to answer questions. To be honest it’s been an amazing journey so far.

Bianca O’Donovan

Gina’s 12 week journey is a journey I would recommend to anyone, near and far! Gina is so supportive and gives great advice and support when asked and needed. You never feel lost during this plan. Consistency is key and consistency is what you get used of! I noticed a massive difference with my energy and her workouts were amazing 🤩
Thank you Gina

Aisling Homan

I am am so happy today after 4 weeks on the “12 Week Journey”
I woke up in the morning and I was feeling a bit lazy to do workout then I decided to check my weight and I couldn’t believe what I saw!
From 80kg down to 75.8kg it’s amazing 😀
That’s what made me so happy so I went to do workout straight away!
I am very thankful for Gina Lewis . 💕

Ramune Boady