12 Week Guided Nutritional Journey

12 week Guided Nutrition Journey for Weight Management

Starting Monday 25th October 2021

This is a personalised weight management journey with expert guidance on nutrition to support you to gain, maintain or lose body fat.

I want  you to enjoy this 12 week  journey.

This is not a quick fix with a rigid food plan. It is space that will provide you support, encouragement, motivation, and the tools you need to reach your personal goal.  Let’s have fun along the way getting there with monthly challenges to keep us all accountable. Food has always been our way of celebrating with family and friends let me show you how you can still do this and stay on track to manage your weight.

When you know what foods to eat, for your body type and stay consistent you will get results. If it’s to feel more confident, improve your eating habits, add more variety to your weekly meals, lose fat or drop a dress size this is the group for you.

The price of these 12 weeks is €120. When your 12 weeks are completed you will then be given the option to continue a rolling 4-week subscription. This 4-week rolling subscription of €25 gives you continued full access to all the support, tools, and materials the programme offers, this subscription can be cancelled at any time.

  • Initial Welcome Zoom Meeting to start you on your way
  • Personalised Daily Calories formulated for you
  • Free access to “Shape my Plan” here you design your own meals to include the foods you enjoy
  • 25% Promo code for Nutra Check Calorie Counting App
  • Weekly Workouts uploaded in Facebook/emailed to use at your convenience
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings for accountability, habits, challenges and Q&A’s to keep us engaged and motivated
  • Monthly DIY online body measurements taken to keep you accountable
  • Facebook Group for the chats, encouragement, support & to share recipes

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